Old Soul Oracle 3

Old Soul Oracle 3
"Landscape" Alcohol Ink painting by Runa Heilung

Runa's Oracle ♥

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Welcome to the Old Soul Oracle.

For best results relax body and mind before continuing. For an Old Soul Oracle specific meditation, see The Diver and the Fisherman.

Below you'll find an oracle card/image just for you. You will see it rotated so that you can find something in it that speaks to you in an extraordinary way.

Click on an image below to scroll or flip through each of the 4 images, one at a time, to find the one you want to focus on and work with, based on what you see pop out at you. It might be a shape, a color, a face, an image, or the entire scene. Go with the energy you feel around what you see.

In your journal, make a note of the card you are working with, so you can come back to the image later if needed. This is OSO3 for short. Scroll past the images to see how to work with them.

Start with the Primary Questions – 5 basic questions to begin your imagery work and then expand upon, as if you were having a conversation with a friend
(For and example of one of my own personal Old Soul Oracle sessions, see here.)

Ask the question out loud or in your mind, directing your energy both to your heart space and also the image that you see. Trust the image as your friend, your Inner Wisdom and Higher Self. Allow it to respond and speak to you. Journal your questions and responses.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What message/gift do you have for me?
  3. How would you like for me to use this message/gift?
  4. What do you need/want from me?
    (Don't forget to add any questions or comments that come into your mind.)
  5. Is there anything else you have to say to me today?

When you are finished with these questions and any others that come up "in conversation," express your gratitude to the imagery and your Inner Wisdom.

Thank you. We are complete.

This closes out the imagery session. Now take a moment to recenter yourself in ordinary reality to go about your day. You might like the Ascent part of The Diver and the Fisherman meditation, designed expressly for Old Soul Oracle.

Check out this video for a short immersive experience into Old Soul Oracle.

Here are two more!
- Old Soul Oracle Experience 2
- Old Soul Oracle Experience 3

What did you see? How was your experience? Comment below!!

Come back again! Because of the fluid nature of Old Soul Oracle, you might find it speaks to you very differently next time!

♥ Runa