Dreams Are Like Fairies

Fairy Dwelling created by the author's daughter. Photo by author's husband.

Runa's Oracle ♥

“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things
which escape those who dream only by night.”
― Edgar Allan Poe, Eleonora

"Dreams are like fairies...they won't come around unless you create a hospitable place for them." ~Dr. Richard Goldwater

Building Houses for Fairies

The last time I checked, the construction industry operates primarily during the day. It is much easier, not to mention cheaper, to work under the light of the sun than it is to work under artificial lighting or worse, no lighting at all.

It makes sense to me that if we build hospitable places for fairies and dreams, we should do it during the day. Besides, the fairies are typically, though not always, absent during daylight hours, and we can work in peace.

Fairies can be quite mischievous. We wouldn't want them ruining their surprise dwelling before they even know we're building them a surprise dwelling. You might not find it hard to believe that fairies don't exactly trust humans.

What would a fairy house look like?

It would be made of leaves, shiny pebbles, and mushrooms perhaps. It might be inside a tree trunk or under a rotting log. A hole in the ground next to a babbling brook might attract the fae beings, or perhaps an abandoned bird nest high up in a tall, tall tree.

A fairy dwelling just looks...well, natural! No manufactured homes or recycled milk cartons, please.

I should think that we know quite a bit more about houses for fairies than we do about hospitable places for dreams. While both are prominently dismissed in our society as fantasy, the fairies, at least, have more favor in our hearts.

Hospitable Places for Dreams

Think about the last dream you had if you can remember it.

If your memory fails you as of late, there's your first clue that you might not have a hospitable place for your dreams. Like fairies, dreams like to be valued, made to feel welcomed and thought important.

A hospitable place for dreams is more of an attitude than anything physical. But there are a few "things" that help, like a lighted pen and a dream journal. A dream dictionary is not necessary, nor necessarily advisable. Trust me on this one.

  1. Decide simply not to dismiss your dreams. Adopt a new friendly attitude toward your own dreams, and dreams in general. Even if you don't remember the next dream or two or three, simply acknowledge your change in attitude with each one.
  2. Note in your calendar, in a notebook, or digitally when you notice that you've had a dream, regardless of whether or not you remember it or any of the details. A simple doodle of a cloud will do, or a text note: "dream." You are becoming a watcher.
  3. Begin to notice how often you notice your dreams. It might sound redundant but it's kind of like meditation advice...just be aware of being aware. Notice any ebbs and flows. Are they related to moon cycles, stress levels, or any other phenomena in your life? Notice when you recall more than one dream in a single night's period.
  4. Attempt to recall any details alongside your doodle or your text in your calendar. Fragments, you will find, are quite valuable, like chips of gold off of a larger nugget. No need to analyze. Notice and record. Note colors, textures, words, or any tidbits that stick out.
  5. Finally, note how you feel upon waking from any given dream. Record this as well. Feelings are a great clue to meaning once you begin working more deeply with your dreams.
  6. Buy a Dream Journal. Ideally, you'll keep this journal exclusive to your dream work, and you'll keep it by your bed with a flashlight pen. Of course, you can use a voice recorder, but if you sleep with someone, this might not be optimal. If you awaken in the night, make it a point to jot down a few words or sentences that might help your dream recall in the morning.

"What does my dream mean?" you might be asking. There's plenty of time to learn dream analysis and dream interpretation techniques. Here, our only goal is learning to create a hospitable atmosphere for them.

Your dreams will show up and you may see them more often than you do fairies!

Do you have a dream practice? I'd love to hear about it.

♥ Runa