Old Soul Oracle

Old Soul Oracle

in 2020 I created my own oracle deck, one without... wait for it... any interpretation!

What? you say! No little book to read when I have questions about the card I drew?

NOPE! Bear with me. If you're serious about your own Inner Wisdom, it'll be worth sticking around.

The cards were designed from paintings I did with alcohol inks, very fluid and moving, and within which untold images could be seen, much like shapes in the clouds. Rotating the cards spurred the discovery of even more image possibilities.

I discovered that my cards didn't need interpretations. I found that THEY ARE PERFECT FOR SCRYING!

Scrying is probably best known by example of seeing into a crystal ball. History indicates that bodies of water were the original scrying surfaces due to their glassy reflectiveness. It later developed into the use of mirrors, crystals and crystal balls. It is related to pareidolia, or seeing shapes in rock formations or clouds, among other things, and then interpreting what is seen. It is in this latter sense that Old Soul Oracle functions. The fluidity of the inks allows for a "scryer" to see letters, shapes, symbols, images and other information in a card.

After an image (within the painting) was chosen due to a psychic aha, or pop of energy, the querent was led (self-led or by a facilitator) into a conversation with the image, much like Carl Jung's active imagination. The responses were incredible.

Alternatively, see my Old Soul Oracle Playlist on YouTube, for this video and 3 more very brief videos demonstrating in an immersive experience how the Old Soul Oracle works. (You will hear me refer to myself as Michele Jennae. That is a variation of my birth name, but I now go by my spirit name Runa Heilung. Old Soul Archaeology has been renamed Old Soul Alchemy.)

I quickly sold out of most of my decks (Email me to inquire about purchasing and stay tuned for future developments) and focused on other creative projects for a while, but it is time to rebirth the Old Soul Oracle!

You are the oracle! The best interpretation is yours! Learn how to discover the inner wisdom that is yours to claim!

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♥ Runa