You Are The Oracle

You Are The Oracle
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Runa's Oracle ♥

“Never forget what you learned in the light when you are in the dark.”
― Bryan Davis

Yes, You Read That Right: You Are The Oracle

You have questions. Big questions. Little questions. Life questions. Love questions. Work questions. All kinds of questions. Ultimately you want to live with more abundance, more joy; you want to live life with clarity, openness and confidence. Am I right?

With regard to all of these questions, if you’re in the majority, you’ve looked almost exclusively outside yourself for answers. Kings, Priests and Preachers. Kings and Presidents, Parents and Teachers. Bosses, Counselors and Advisors. And possibly Fortune Tellers and Psychics.

If you’ve consulted the last two of these, you’re probably closer to realizing that you are the oracle than the rest of the population who’ve consulted only the other eight, but that might not be true for you just yet. If you were like me, those last two were anathema and were to be feared as sinful and of the devil.

Fortunately, my spiritual walk has opened up so many more possibilities in the last decade and has allowed the fears and restrictions of my first four decades to begin to fade. My spiritual walk has opened me up to the possibility, the probability that everyone has the gift of Inner Wisdom. That everyone has access to this Inner Wisdom, through intuition and psychic gifts.

Before I get into how you are the oracle, let’s start at the beginning.

What is an oracle?

1.       “The word 'oracle' originally referred to the place where the gods spoke.
2.       By association, it became used for the person who spoke the words and even,
3.       The messages themselves.”
~Arthur Hastings, The Tradition of Oracles and Channels, Inner Knowing edited by Helen Palmer

In etymological history an oracle is the message (a message from a god), the place of reception (temple, house of prayer), the manner of reception (dreams, intuition, signs and symbols) and the receiver (the agency or medium of a god). You are the oracle in the sense that your body, both spiritual and physical body is the place of reception, your mind the receiver, and because the message comes from within, you are also the medium. You are also the interpreter of the message. You are a channel.

You are the radio signal and the radio station, and in the same way someone who speaks morse code has to receive the transmission and interpret it for others, you are the receiver and translator as well. As for the message, it is generally personal but can also contain universal wisdom as well.

Interestingly, oracle has the same root as ōrare "to pray to, plead to, beseech", so in addition to all of the above, you are also the beseecher, or the one who asks and questions.

How crazy wonderful is it that you are a complete oracular system in and of yourself! Phyllis Pipitone said much the same thing about dreams in The Inner World of Dreams, "...we - you and I - are dreamers. The dream comes through us and to us, yet we are it."

You might think that the only thing missing is the messenger, the god, that you are consulting. Whether you believe that the Divine Answer you receive comes from within you as a part of the Divine, your Higher Self, or from without - an external Spirit speaking through you- is of little difference. The result is the same. And maybe, just maybe it’s not either/or but both/and. Both divine and mundane, both internal and external at the same time.

Ultimately, as Michael C. Scott says, "an oracle was a gateway to knowing the will of the gods, a cosmic information super highway for understanding what lay ahead."

Fortune Telling vs Oracles

Let’s compare for a moment fortune-telling with oracular work. Fortune telling is predictive. Oracular work is illuminating in prescriptive and predictive ways. The trouble with predictive is that while it can work, it’s not generally compellingly helpful. Predictive work identifies patterns and then foretells a future based on the continuation of set patterns. It tells you your fate if you were to continue on your current path, without deviation. But life has far too many variables to allow any final say in the future, and we have free will. And, while we are habitual creatures, we are also incredibly fickle.

If you happen to change just a small part of your routine, like a plane slightly off course, you don’t end up with the foretold future, for better or for worse. If we changed the words fortune telling to "forecasting," we might actually be on to something. Forecasting is shiftable, due to the very nature of change.

When it comes to oracles, we can truly only deal in the NOW. From this NOW, and this one, and this one, we can make choices that will determine whether we travel the left road or the one, go high or go low, move forward or double back.

But, what if you recognize that you REALLY want change in your life? Fortune telling isn’t going to do the trick, other than to possibly make you aware that there are patterns that need to change.

You need prescriptive Oracular work. The cool thing about prescriptive work is that you keep your free will. YOU decide what you want or don’t want to do. Instead of accepting a predictive fate, you can gain guidance and participate in your destiny.

Shifting from Looking Without to Looking Within

As I mentioned before, our social conditioning has us looking for answers externally. All of the aforementioned consultants and advisors. And self-help books and seminars. Other figures of “authority”. So even if we do venture into the world of fortune tellers and psychics, we are still following an external source of information and advice.

My first experience with psychic information other than shamanic journey work wasn’t actually with a psychic per se. She might have had services in that area but that’s not what I knew her to do or hired her for. She was hired to do an energy clearing for me. I was already a Reiki II practitioner and familiar with energy, how it healed, how it could hurt, how it could get stuck.

Little did I know that she’d pull up psychic information on me, which looking back makes perfect sense. If she could see this stuck energy to enable it to move, she could probably see why I was getting stuck. As a result of that energy clearing and some prescriptive information from her, my eyes were opened just a bit more to how this is all connected.

In 2020, I had been doing Akashic records work with imagery and I started painting some of my own images to work with in an oracular fashion. Abstract and semi-figurative, energetic and evocative images. I found that these images were just what I needed to bypass my logical, rational mind to enter into what I call "heartspace" to be able to receive oracular wisdom for myself. I also found that as I worked with the images, the messages would change, often based on mood or circumstance. Sometimes the images would shapeshift, or appear to be something entirely different than they were before, also resulting in different messages. But always, the messages were helpful and prescriptive as I mentioned before.

Old Soul Oracle: What do you see?

I began to compare this method that I’ve called Old Soul Oracle to other oracle cards I had. These decks generally come with booklets or sometimes full-length books with written interpretations for each card. Many of these interpretations are incredibly beautiful and indeed helpful, but we can fail to integrate some of these messages into our lives, instead reading them and nodding knowingly but then moving on with our day and simply letting them sit on top of our psyche like oil on water.

And STILL, we aren’t looking within. I say this emphatically, STILL we aren’t looking within.

We are missing out on an incredible source of Wisdom. HUGE! Like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman HUGE! HUGE!!

Our most invaluable source of wisdom is from within. It’s the acres of diamonds or gold mine right in our back yard. It’s the secret that THIS is where our connection to the Divine is, inside us! Some religious traditions would have us believe that we need an intermediary and it just isn’t so.

We want to know who we are. How can anyone else know who we are???? How can anyone else, who hasn’t walked in our shoes, seen from our eyes, heard from our ears, felt from our heart…how can they know who we are? How can we, now realizing that, continue to ask all of these major all-important life questions of other people?

We think we don’t know the answers because we’ve been convinced that we aren’t worthy of our own very own wisdom. Or worse that we don’t have any wisdom at all to offer ourselves. That we have no connection to our Higher Self, much less the Divine.

But here we are, not trusting ourselves, trying to offer something to others? It’s no wonder we feel disconnected from ourselves, unconfident and even incompetent as we offer advice to others. We think that our masks do not betray us. But inevitably we betray ourselves.

The answer is inside. The way inside is through the oracle. The oracle that is YOU!

Do you believe that you are an oracle? What oracular experiences have you had?

♥ Runa

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