Tree of Life Meditation

Tree of Life Meditation
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Runa's Oracle ♥

“Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky...
Kahlil Gibran

...Sense or see in your mind’s eye a tree, a central symbol in shamanic cosmology. Imagine for a moment that you are the tree. Trees have intricate root systems penetrating deep into the earth.

See and feel your roots penetrating deep, deep into the soil, and down into the core of the earth. A tree pulls water and nutrients from the ground passing through the trunk as sap, which is mostly water. Imagine taking these nutrients up through your very own roots, water of life going to the thirstiest parts of you until you are filled.

Imagine now your leafy branches reaching up, up, up into the sky as the tree disperses water into the air through its branches and leaves. Ten apple trees can release up to four tons of water a day. The tree absorbs and takes in energy from the earth, then releases this earth energy into atmospheric spaces. Envisage doing the same.

Imagine passing vital forces from the earth through your own body. Feel the earth’s energy as it moves through you. Shapeshift into - be the earth.

Similarly, trees use solar energy to make sugars from carbon dioxide in the air. They are also showered with extraterrestrial forces like starlight and sunlight. These penetrate each leaf, branch, passing down through the trunk, roots, and propel into the earth.

Trees are magnificent channels of earthly and cosmic substances. We can be the same. Feel healing forces shower you from starry spaces. Breathe them down from the heavens, into your heart and then through your own trunk (torso).

Then send these healing energies with your next breath out, deeply into the earth. Feel the internal and external balance of earth and cosmos.

Sit with this feeling for a while, breathing in and out.
When you are ready, bring your attention back to the room, and open your eyes.

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