Calmness Within

Calmness Within
Imagination as Meditation: for relaxation, for illumination, for transformation.

Runa's Oracle ♥

Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself. – Hermann Hesse.

When we think of sanctuary, we often think of a physical place first. A quiet chapel, a garden, a private room, the middle of the forest. This is because the very real noise of the world is so prevalent, that we need a "place" to get away to.

When working with my clients, I do recommend that they find a quiet place, undisturbed, as much as possible, where they can relax body and mind. This facilitates the "inner journey" to a sanctuary within.

It is an amazing thing to watch, how someone comes to our appointment anxious, jittery, stressed, worried... and within the course of a few minutes, discovers that they find "peacefulness", "patience", "rest", "tranquility" (actual client words) ... within themselves.

Study after study has proven that we work better (outer work) when we are not stressed. We think better, we act better, we study better. It is also true that when we do inner work (what I like to call inner play), we enable transformation from a place of equanimity. We are so much more ready to meet what comes our way, even when it's not what we think we want to meet. We can meet the "monsters in our minds" and find that either they are not monsters after all, or that we can defeat them.

Stress heightens fear and resistance. Relaxation heightens awareness and readiness.

Doing the inner work/play empowers us because we come to know that even in the midst of outer chaos, we have and can find a place within us that gives us retreat, to gather our strength and face the day.

With practice, finding this inner place without needing the matching quiet outer place is possible. That's exciting to me, because I don't see the outer world calming down any time soon.

One client even said in her appointment with me, "I can hear the silence rising above the layer of noise." Ahhhhhhh - Exhale.

Do you visit your inner sanctuary? Often? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Come play with me and I will not only guide you to your inner sanctuary (sanctuaries), but you will learn to use that space as a point of departure for all kinds of other possibilities of relaxation, illumination and transformation!

♥ Runa