The Alchemy of Imagination

The Alchemy of Imagination
What does your imagination look like? (photo: pixabay)

Runa's Oracle ♥

“Everything you can imagine is real.”
Pablo Picasso

The Alchemy of Imagination:
A Conversational Poem by Runa Heilung

Oh Imagination,
I've been given lead
What am I to do?
with cold, hard, dead lead

Are you talking to me?
Do you really want to know?
Can you open your mind?
There is hope, if so...

It's heavy and it's cold
A burden I must bear
I really do not want it
But it's mine I fear

You asked for my help
Or was that a mistake
I considered the possibility
That a helping hand you'd take

Alas, it's really hopeless
I'm helpless in this state
I don't know what to do now
I fear this is my fate

Quiet now I tell you
Relax your muddled mind
All those voices in your head
But none that yet are mine

Imagination is that really you?
Could it be that I have help?
A figment is more like it
I'm troubled so they tell

Again I must say silence
Give yourself a break
I really cannot help you
If you insist on in this way

Okay I'll try to listen
If there is but a small chance
That I can change the conditions
of this leaded circumstance

That's better now, I promise
Now then, close your eyes
There's a light there that you cannot see
when seeing only lead's disguise

Lead is not lead, that's what you say?
My eyes are deceiving me?
It can't be true that lead is gold
That would really be a dream.

What is this lead that has you down
under a weight you can not bear?
Let's see if some perspective
can lift you from despair.

My life is hard, it's all for naught
I just don't understand
why things can't just go my way
Why I cannot make a stand

It's really all for naught you say?
There isn't just one thing
that makes you smile and offer thanks
one thing that does not sting?

Oh sure there is, there must be
But that's really not the point
I need to turn my life around
Please do not disappoint

Disappoint you say. You called me.
Can it be that you can't see
that there is no darkness dark enough
where imagination cannot reach?

Alright you did say just one thing
Maybe I can try
I guess it's really not all that bad
And still I want to cry

Cry then my friend, get it out
Perhaps that's all you need
to rid yourself of some energy
that only tears can read

Ok I'll cry but please don't look
I cannot bear the shame
And if I laugh at the sight of myself,
don't look all the same

You say don't look, but don't you know
Imagination always sees
I see that you are human
There is no shame in that for me.

Oh please, look now, you've made me laugh
The absurdity of it all
Things could really be so much worse
I admit my thinking has been small

Now, now you're coming around
Can you feel your open mind?
Now open your heart in your mind's eye
Feel the love to which you've been blind.

I know, I know, I really am loved.
I have to admit it's true.
Even though the thought that my life is lead
denies it through and through

You see that you imagine
Your life is but a dream
A nightmare or a dream come true
The power is yours to claim.

I might not say a dream come true
At least I won't just yet
But still I have renewed perspective
that it doesn't help to fret

It's Ok, it does take practice
Because this world can work against
the very Imagination
you need to stand firm with

Yes, the feeling of hope and wonder
I see that it can infuse
my life, my work, my place in this world
when I call upon you my Muse

I will be your servant
in whichever way you choose
Lead for lead or gold for gold
based on your Inner Views

I see. I see, my eyes are closed
This gift of inner sight
has helped me understand that I
choose life as blessing or as plight

Your eyes are closed and yes you see
But know this to be true
What you see with inner eyes
Colors the real world for you.

Thank you Imagination
for helping me to see
that I can turn lead into gold
with Inner Alchemy.

~Runa Heilung (c) 2023