I've Been Busy Channeling

I've Been Busy Channeling
Image by Алина Осипова from Pixabay

Before you decide that I've gone bonkers, keep reading.

By channeling, I mean drawing down inspiration* and writing! I know, it's been a minute since I posted here at Old Soul Alchemy, so allow me to elaborate.
*Mystical channeling of spirit guides is essentially the same thing, for the record.

I found a new place to share my thoughts and ideas in written form – it's called Medium. You may have heard of it. It's a mix between a social media site and a blogging platform.

I had heard of it, however briefly, probably by my friend Joyce, but I had never taken the time to explore it. Eee-gads, I wish I had found it years ago. Maybe I had looked into it but was turned off by the need to "pay-to-play."

Access to the Playground

That's right, to write on Medium, you have to pay to play. There is a free version, but you're not allowed onto the big kid's all-access playground. Most articles are posted as "member-only" content.

So I passed on the opportunity. I preferred to spend much more money running my own WordPress website, paying for hosting, themes, plugins, etc. And much to my chagrin, quite unsuccessfully. I failed to capitalize on my investments for years. But not for lack of trying.

About 6 months ago, I switched from WordPress to this Ghost platform, rebranded from Old Soul Archaeology to Old Soul Alchemy, you subscribed, and here we are.

And now... Medium?

Am I Cheating on You? On Old Soul Alchemy?

It's no secret that I write in places other than my own website, to spread my ideas with more hearts and minds. After all, I did let you know that I write the No Fear Tarot column at No Fear Astrology.

I have written articles for Medium now for exactly 17 days, publishing a total of 23 articles so far. I am meeting my commitment to myself to publish at least one article a day in 2024.

Because of the way Medium is designed, it has freed me from some huge creative blocks. There are a variety of themed publications to submit articles to, the ability to create my own publications, or simply the option to hit publish under my profile. I have done all three already.

No, I am not cheating on you! You'll reap all the benefits. My writing will improve here. Content, focus, delivery.

More Than Blogging

I am looking for community, something that has been quite elusive for me, at least on most social media. That's essentially why I started this blog.
I always encourage comments and questions. Reply below the post or hit reply to an email! I love to deep dive into spiritual and creative topics.

I used to love Twitter for the conversations. But way before Elon Musk took over, it had gone downhill. It was full of rants and limiting algorithms and I gave it up.

Pinterest hasn't captured my interest either. I never really understood when to post my own stuff, or when to post other people's stuff. It's great to source inspiration for my art, but not much more than that for me.

Instagram is a fun and generally positive scroll but I don't seem to be making solid connections there.

Facebook is probably where I have the most friends. Actual friends. Sure, I have a lot of "connections" that are circumstantial - networking, business associates and coworkers, random "friendings," but for the most part, I have a lot of people I consider friends. Some very good friends, and some people with whom, if circumstances permitted might become very good friends.

Truly, I appreciate your subscription here, because you have offered me valuable real estate in your inbox. I don't take that lightly.

You might have guessed by now that Medium has offered more of a community for readers and writers. Interactions are more genuine, without "suggested" responses like the ones on Facebook - I hate those, as they require no thought - and without weird everyone-looks-the-same avatars.

If you're also on Medium, let me know. Follow me and I'll follow you back. If you want more information or have questions, I'll give you my unbiased and non-affiliate perspective on how it could work for you as a reader, a writer, or both.

Back to Channeling

So yes, I've been channeling. Channeling my creative energies and ideas into a slough of articles. It's helping me to hone my ideas as well as clear my brain of topics I might be less inclined to share here because they aren't related to my Old Soul Alchemy topics.

I'll be back soon with more Old Soul Alchemy. Very Soon! Thank you for your continued support.

♥ Runa