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~Runa Heilung

Wow, it's been a week or two of crazy energy. Have you felt it too? I've been studying astrological influences and I have to say, it's very telling. Perhaps not in a predictive manner - I couldn't say exactly what will happen next week or next month - but hindsight seems to match what planets were doing what and actual experiences people around me were having.

My energy was a bit scattered but I managed to get some writing done. In case you missed it, I am writing a Tarot-specific column on my friend Abby's site No Fear Astrology, aptly called No Fear Tarot. My last post was illuminating the seven of Swords based on a personal reading I had done for myself in conjunction with a friend's question about that same card. Click below to read! Consider subscribing!!

How to interpret the 7 of Swords in Tarot
The Seven of Swords in tarot is a confusing and alarming card. But how can the 7’s be viewed in a more positive light in tarot?

A special SHOUT OUT to Abby as well, not only for having me write for her site, but for sharing inspiring conversations. A lot of my fire this last week is due to her spark! ♥

Meanwhile, back on my site, I wrote a post called Elemental Imagery, correlating the types of imagery work I do to the four elements. If you are interested in imagery as a portal to inner wisdom, check it out! Click below.

Elemental Imagery
Runa’s Oracle ♥ Show me the wisdom of my depths. Reveal my inner world. ~Runa Heilung Old Soul Alchemy is all about the philosopher’s stone of Inner Wisdom. One of the primary tools I use is imagery because it is so powerful. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a

On that note, I have used the Elemental Imagery types to help me define my membership levels. There are so many ways Imagery Work can have a positive impact in our lives. My aim is to make the information helpful, accessible and affordable! If you are wondering how Imagery Work can help you, book a complimentary 30 minute Soul to Soul with me.

Tarot is one of the Earth Element Imagery types because it is stable (standard meanings) and receptive (we generally accept the standard meanings). But, we can use it as Fire Element Imagery if we use a Tarot Card that prompts a self-guided inner journey. Earth Element Imagery is great for learning to develop intuition, but other imagery types take us deeper!

Here is a post I wrote about Tarot Spread Journeys:

Tarot Spread Journeys
Runa’s Oracle “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” ― Heraclitus It’s easy to throw a few Tarot cards down and superficially consider the meaning of the individual cards and overall spread, and THEN, simply go about

and this No Fear Tarot post about using a Tarot Spread to go deep with Inner Journeys for a week (on No Fear Astrology). Learn about the Tarot Spread and the Journeying. It's a twofer!! ☺

How to do the Irish Spirit Wheel Tarot Spread
We look at the Irish Spirit Wheel Tarot spread with personal exmaples and how to do it for yourself. We also look at tarot decks to use with it.

There's also a couple of new posts since my last newsletter. I invite you to visit the site and explore! As always, I welcome your thoughts, feedback, comments, and questions!

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