What does it mean to be a Dreamer?

What does it mean to be a Dreamer?

Runa's Oracle ♥

"Yes, I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his [or her] way by moonlight, and his punishment that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world."
~Oscar Wilde

What does it mean to be a dreamer? A visionary?

I will tell you now, with earnestness, that it means drifting away, however forcefully, from status quo and consensus thinking.

It's interesting, according to the fear-based mainstream media, that it would seem our world is shrinking into a cesspool of groupthink where dreams are dying and visions are fading. As services are more and more automated (self-checkout, google search), people are also becoming automatons. It can feel discouraging that there isn't a sense of empowerment for those in service to others to find personalized solutions for the myriad of people they serve. One size doesn't EVER fit all, regardless of the tag.

Positive change is the product of daring dreamers and veritable visionaries. It has always been that way.

But, look up, look out, look around. As the world seems to be spiraling down, it is also, if you dare open your eyes, spiraling up. People everywhere are awake to the nonsense and transcending it. They are finding their dreams and visions within themselves through their own imaginations and within others!

Do you see it? Can you see that there is an equal positive for every seemingly negative thing? Everything is an invitation to dance, even the most difficult circumstances.

The Alchemy of Transformation is not seeing only the positive. It is seeing that for one there is always the other. It is then, a reconciling of the opposites into something greater than the two sides.

-1+1=0 It is in the Zero, the reconciliation of opposites, the Infinite Field, that we find that We Are One.

The Alchemy of Imagination is also about being able to focus on the future, in a way that gives present circumstances meaning that can move us into a brighter future.

Austrian psychiatrist Viktor Frankl called this logotherapy, a form of looking to the future - instead of the past as Freud and Adler did - by assigning meaning to the present and then using the present as a catalyst for transformation. He was able to survive the holocaust under the most difficult and horrific circumstances, including losing family members and suffering near starvation, because he adopted his own theory of meaning.

Hope is an active use of the imagination! Dare to dream if you would hope for a better future for yourself and the world.

How do you get back in touch with your visions and dreams? Open the door to your imagination!