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“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”
Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

Oracle Card Draw 07-28-23

I am giddy with excitement. My friend Brandi (and also my UPS driver) just stopped by in her brown truck with a delivery for me. Wheeee! Talk about special delivery!

I just ordered 2 new oracle decks from Hay House. Can you say YAY SALE! I got the Sacred Creators Oracle by Chris Anne and The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell. Free shipping if I spent $25 dollars so 2 decks was a n0-brainer.

Before I get to my spread, let me butter you up with some of my glee.

I feel like a horse let out of the stockade to run wild! Hair flowing in the wind, running free. I think this is post #13 (LUCKY THIRTEEN) ♥ for this new site, and I am ready to shout from the mountaintops.

Finally!!!! Just the platform and energy I didn't even know I was looking for. has me on cloud 9 and I know I am not dreaming. (I am not getting paid for saying this). Well, maybe I am dreaming, but I am completely lucid and in control!! ☺

I couldn't have asked for a better theme. Because this is a photo theme, the home page is all images. Let your intuition guide you. Pretend you're Alice and this is Wonderland. There is plenty a-rabbit-hole to explore. The platform is AH-MAZING too. Everything is right at my fingertips.

OK, enough about that. You are probably here for the spread!

So, here's the jam!

The Spread is The Fated Life vs Destiny Life (3 card spread)
I apologize for the fuzziness of the image above. (Get your own deck ☺) The imagery is so soft and whispy.

Fated Life: EMPATHIC STARSEED. Energetic Sovereignty. Absorbing what's not yours.

Destiny Life: CHILD OF THE COSMOS. The intelligence of the universe lies within you.

Bridge. PERSPECTIVE. Zoom out. None of this matters. Common ground.

You will find that I am more into the sovereignty of my own intuition (and yours) when it comes to card/spread interpretation and oracle work. But, I also believe that the perspectives of others can help us along the way. So sometimes I peek. But not generally before I feel my way through my draw.

Some say you should never read for yourself. I call bullshit. If you are connected to your Higher Self, you'll be alright. Of course it's possible to be totally ego-driven and miss the mark, but a few good love-slaps from the universe should get you back on track if you are willing to really be an Old Soul Alchemist!

▲ So, about that Empathic Starseed. I turned that faucet off a longggggg time ago. I was more about thoughts than feelings. Following rules and getting those nods of approval. Yeah, I turned the faucet off that would allow me to feel the emotions I absorbed and then let them go....

Maybe you can relate? I only figured out the damage that I had done to my body, mind and psyche a few years ago. I missed enrollment for the School for Empaths I guess.

▲ Woohooo, my destiny is to be a Child of the Cosmos. Oh, wait, I already AM a child of the cosmos, and so are you! We just need to accept that truth. Still, I was pretty excited to see that card in that position, especially given the energy I felt with the first card. (Oooh, I felt the energy. I guess my Empathic Starseed is learning and healing. ☺)

▲ And Perspective is the bridge. Isn't it always? Sometimes you just have to laugh. The universe definitely has a sense of humor! Th common ground that this card refers to is that we are are Children of the Cosmos. We are all one.

Pretty cool, huh?

♥ Runa

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