Finding Flow Reading

Finding Flow Reading

Runa's Oracle πŸ–€

"The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”
― Louis L'Amour

The Sacred Creator's Oracle by Chris Anne
Flow Spread: What do I need to see to be in flow with the will of the Universe right now?

(Reading date for my benefit 080323. β™₯ Whatever day you land on this page, there will be divinely timed wisdom for you.)

From Sacred Creator's Oracle by Chris Anne

Card 1. What's blocking my flow?
Card 2. What can I use to find my flow?

Card 1: Limitations inspire innovations
It seems that what's blocking my flow is the lack of innovation with my limitations. So, what's limiting me?
Actually what is limiting me today is a somewhat frenetic energy, that was worse yesterday. I have so many ideas but really need to "channel" them into laser focused form. Instead of dispersed light/creativity, I need to draw it into form, like a lightbulb...
Speaking of a light bulb...What do I want to illuminate today?

Card 2: Unstick the stuck.
How do you unstick the stuck? Rip the tape off? Heat the glue? Use water? What is causing the stuckness? What elements are at play?

Questions Spread

I chose to do another reading to answer my main questions. This time I used The Light Seer's Tarot by the same creator Chris Anne.

Card 1. WHAT is limiting me today?
Card 2. What do I want to illuminate?
Cards 3 and 4. What elements are at play - sticky, unsticky?

Card 1: The Hermit, reversed. What is limiting me today? The Hermit? How do I innovate the hermit? It was upside down, so am I not getting the hermit-time I need? I would have to say no, not lately. Fortunately we didn't go grocery shopping today, so now that I have a few chores done, I can take some time for my creating. This reading is a great first step!

Isn't it interesting that my need to hermit myself is what is called for to quell the frenetic energy and focus it? I drew the hermit only after answering the question of what is limiting me. Synchronicity!

Card 2. 4 of Cups, reversed. What do I want to illuminate? 4 of cups. Feeling disconnected. Can I illuminate that "feeling connected" can be as easy as dropping into heart-space and connecting with Higher Self?


How often do we choose to remain disconnected, avoiding the taking of time we need for ourselves, to connect to our heart-space, our intuition and Inner Wisdom? I think it's a lack of trust in ourselves that leads to a fear that we won't be able to handle what we see.

Meeting ourselves isn't always comfortable. We aren't taught to trust ourselves, but to always look to outside authority for answers and guidance. Worse yet, we are conditioned to think that for every problem or question there is ONE answer.

What I have learned in my work is that so many times there are incredible breakthroughs on the other side of the discomfort we get when we do inner work. Without the inner work, we remain in the disconnected space, represented by the upside down 4 of cups. Trust yourself. Practice. There is light on the other side. 

In the process of sharing my illumination with you above, I feel more in the flow, centered and reconnected.

Cards 3 and 4. What elements are at play? Sticky, (Ace of pentacles (earth) unsticky? (2 of pentacles)
Interesting. From the Ace (essence of earth) we move into balanced movement of earth as the 2 of pentacles dances/swings the earth energies around.

How can I use the 2 of pentacles to unstick the 1. MOVE!! Interestingly, we all come from the essence, but we move through the numerology of our lives until we return...but we must move, grow, progress, remember. It is a process.

It seems so obvious doesn't it? Sometimes we just have to be hit upside the head, what I call a psychic love slap! How to get unstuck.... MOVE! Seriously laughing right now.

Until now, I am reading the cards entirely from my intuition. Now, I looked at the booklet just for the Ace and 2 of pentacles to see if there was additional wisdom that resonated with my own intuition.

I got this: 1 is a goal, 2 is a balancing act.

My message for today.
I will unstick the stuck by planting my 2 feet firmly on the ground and then walking. One foot after the other, trusting my feet to "make" my path.

I am already unstuck! How about you?

πŸ–€ Runa

What did you think of this reading? Did you have any intuitive hits or epiphanies for yourself? Comment below!