What is a Psychic Love Slap?

What is a Psychic Love Slap?

Runa's Oracle ♡

“A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.”
Charles Dickens

When you begin to do inner work you might find yourself in a situation where it seems that someone else is holding up a mirror for you, so that you can see a reflection of yourself. This is true whether the "image" we see in the mirror is positive or negative.

In actuality everything is holding up a mirror for you, but some of us dare not look.

A psychic love slap is a special kind of mirror, or perhaps it's more about what we choose to see in the mirror due to the inner work we have done. All mirrors are about showing us love, but we often don't understand that without the willingness to see ourselves as we really are.

I started using the term psychic love slap after I began working with shamanic practices, meditative journeys for inner discovery and healing. At the time, I belonged to a wonderful group of 4 women who were committed to doing this work for themselves, but also to holding space (being the mirror) for the others in the group. We'd spend anywhere from 3 to 5 hours in sacred space about once a month to do this work together.

After our time of meditation and journeying, we'd each share our experience and in turn we'd all comment on the journeys of the others, as a way of understanding, processing, and integrating.

At one point, I remember one of them saying to me something that I had said before to one of them, or to my daughters. But in that moment, I wasn't seeing it for myself, even though I knew it to be true. Enter: the mirror.

The slap part of the psychic love slap is kind of like getting hit up side of the head, not quite like NCIS's Gibbs to Dinozzo, but similar. The psychic part is the mirror; it's the wake up call from yourself because it's something you already know but are failing to see in the monent.

A psychic love slap is like a letter you mail yourself, but someone else delivers it. It's your own inner wisdom being mirrored to you.

Here's a fictional illustration.

A friend has a dream that she is drowning in the ocean. I offer an interpretation that "if it were my dream" I would remember that I read somewhere that we are all drops in the ocean so it is impossible to drown, and I might offer this to her as perspective, not as interpretation. (She is the only one who can interpret her dream. Everything else is commentary.)

Now, let's say I have a meditative journey, and I feel like I am in outer space, floating without a tether. My "journey" is, on the surface, as potentially unsettling as my friend's dream. She, or someone else, might offer some wisdom for my consideration, that might look like this: because we are all energy (quantum physics and many mystical texts validate this for me), that I was safe and that I did not need a tether.

Basically, we both said the same thing. In essence, let go and be in the energy that holds you. The offered wisdom is a mirror to me, of what I already know to be true.

When have you experienced this phenomenon? If you can't remember anything, begin to notice when it happens to you in the future. I'd love to hear your stories.

♡ Runa