Introducing No Fear Tarot

Introducing No Fear Tarot
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“Tarot and dreams are two dialects in the language of the soul.”
― Philippe St Genoux

As the moon begins to wane, I find myself wanting to release a lot of mental dust bunnies, some of these bunnies with claws and fangs. Thinking about these bunnies, they are confabulations of fear that I have allowed to invade the sanctity of my heart and mind.

Without going into details about why I need to clean house so to speak, I will say that I can be just as susceptible as anyone to the energy of fear. Being an empath, I can feel the fear, my own or even that of others, quite viscerally, and I have to take measures not to own any of it for myself. Perhaps that's part of my journey and calling; to share methods of empowerment, for myself, and for any who feel kindred to Old Soul Alchemy.

So, on that note, I want to tell you some exciting news. My friend Abigail Craig of No Fear Astrology has invited me to write No Fear Tarot articles on her website! It's interesting how things like astrology and Tarot can instill fear in people. Any kind of communication with the Divine is considered taboo to some, unless it is sanctioned by the "collar" of authority. Both Abby and I approach these topics with sensitivity and sensibility, with hope and not fear.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Tarot, Astrology and the like, media (especially Hollywood media) has filled our minds with dust bunny images of dark rooms and evil energies, stage-performing hucksters, or "immature" teenagers like Sabrina or Harry Potter. While I love a lighted candle and crystals, my approach is more like that of my sources, well-respected, educated, and mature physicians and healers, psychologists and therapists, scientists and academics of all types.

No Fear Tarot is the perfect compliment to No Fear Astrology, in large part due to symbolic correspondences. What this means is that there is a crossover of energy and meaning between the two systems that quite frankly fascinates me. You may have found already that Old Soul Alchemy is all about this interplay of symbols, meaning, and energy.

So what's the difference between No Fear Tarot and Old Soul Alchemy? No Fear Tarot is, of course, more focused on Tarot, and I will share readings and spreads, methods for using Tarot to enhance your own intuition, and also Tarot-Astrology correspondences. Old Soul Alchemy, while it has some Tarot posts and some astrology posts, it also includes the topics of imagination, imagery, visualization and meditations, along with my Old Soul Oracle, DayTime Dreaming techniques, and other oracular tools!

I do hope you'll head over to Abby's site No Fear Astrology and subscribe there, making sure to sign up also specifically to the No Fear Tarot newsletter. But, regardless, as a subscriber to Old Soul Alchemy I will let you know when I have a new post there as well!

In fact, you can head on over right now and read my first post "Tarot: A Fool's Errand?" by clicking the link below.

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♥ Runa

What is your experience with Astrology? With Tarot? Does they instill fear, curiosity, or fascination in you? I'd love to know!